Changes coming this weekend - PLEASE READ!

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Changes coming this weekend - PLEASE READ! Empty Changes coming this weekend - PLEASE READ!

Post by Ariley 12/3/2010, 8:53 pm



Tomorrow afternoon, around 5 PM eastern time, the whole server map is going to be wiped and completely reset. Once a suitable spawn is built by the moderating team, monsters will be turned on and time will NOT be messed with.

(The current map will be saved and available for download for you to use in your singleplayer experiences.)

After about a week, when cities have started cropping up and buildings are intact, it's very likely that PvP will be turned on. At that point, a new set of rules will be posted explaining when and where PvP is allowed, and when and where it's against the rules.

You will keep 10% of your coins for the next map, up to 500 coins. This is because we want to wipe the slate clean and give everybody a fresh start, while at the same time giving players who worked hard on the last map a bit of an advantage.

The ranks and /kit privileges will be kept. That is, Trusted will still have lava, water, and iron, Veteran will still have diamond, etc.

Tomorrow, starting at 1:00 Eastern time, it will be grief day!! This will happen for about 4 hours, until I get the new map ready to go. What does this mean? You can do WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH NO CONSEQUENCES!!!!!! Free 10 TNT and 10 lava will be given to all players to just go around and FUCK IT UP! Should be a hella good time.

Big changes to the server are coming soon: be ready!


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