Stealing and breaking my stuff

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Stealing and breaking my stuff Empty Stealing and breaking my stuff

Post by Mc cewp6 on 9/2/2012, 6:21 pm

Ok I went on your server and it was the first day I was on your serve so I was just starting out but I still had some iron and stuff. So anyways I did not make my house and chest private yet so I saw a guy walk in to my house and then I heard a chest open so I looked and HE WAS STEALING FROM MY CHEST. I don't know what he stole but he stole a lot then I started chasing him to see where he would go then he left the game. Later on I was over it but then I was getting some wood and at that time my house and chests were private and so his buddy somehow got into my house and stole my bed and u guys know how u banned me well before that happened I went on there for some reason at the spawn so I kept trying to warp to my house by going /home and it wouldn't work so I ventured back to my house and everything was destroyed my chest my furnace my doors my crafting table and my bed! Only thing left was the bits of the house so then I remembered that house at /warp zland if u guys want to see it that was going to get destroyed so then I claimed it as my own because it's like breaking it and rebuilding it so then I made a nine found some iron ore and diamonds them I got off then I went on it today and I was banned so that's the rule breakers and how I got banned for no reason.

Mc cewp6

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Stealing and breaking my stuff Empty Re: Stealing and breaking my stuff

Post by Intengent on 9/2/2012, 6:59 pm

I banned you for stealing a house. Even if it was for revenge, it's against the rules. Topic locked.

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