I am so enthralled in tekkit right now...

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I am so enthralled in tekkit right now...

Post by J8cob1 on 7/29/2012, 6:23 pm

Why I made this post and other stuff:

1. I have not been on lately, mostly due to weddings that involve me not having access to a computer.
2. ^ Reason #2... I have been so enthralled in playing tekkit on Pyro's tekkit server, its awesome! (Just made a quarry, a condenser, and am now crossbreeding plants).
3. I have a request to make for staff: I will be coming back on oasis very soon, and because of the looming 1.3 update, I want to ask that my summer project I have been working on be moved from this map to the next one if possible, otherwise, I might have to scrap the whole process if we switch maps.

P.S: Nice new forum look
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