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Post by Ariley on 11/14/2010, 8:58 pm

Guest - Default rank for all players who join the server. Access to all default commands.

Member - Rank available by application on the forums. Given to people who have played and have applied.
Extra powers - Ability to spawn iron tool kit

Trusted - Rank only given to players who the staff team can consider a trustworthy person who won't break the rules.
Extra powers - Ability to use lava and 'flint & steel' as well as use /kit water and /kit lava

Trusted+ - Rank given to outstanding trusted players who the staff have decided deserve more than standard trusted privileges, but for whatever reason have not yet achieved a higher rank.
Extra powers - Ability to spawn Torches and Stone, in addition to the standard Water and Lava kits.

Artisan - Rank for those who have been noticed by the staff team as an outstanding member of the community while also being exceptional builders.
Extra powers - Ability to spawn Dye, Wood, Torch, Grass, Stone, Glass, Sand, and Cobble kits.

Oasian - Rank available by application on the forums. Players must be at least Trusted rank to apply. Oasian is given to those players that are the pillars of the Oasis community and have played for a respectable amount time. They are friendly and polite to all, helpful and respected. The community votes on who they want to be promoted from a pool of 'Oasian Candidates' selected by the staff.
Extra Powers - All Artisan permissions. Spawn in any legal item in the game with the /item command. They can also teleport to and from other players with /tpa and /tpahere. Not only this but they gain access to more kits such as /kit diamondkit for diamond tools!

Architect - A highly regarded rank given to players who are a most respected member of the community who have demonstrated a talent for building on par with very few others. Rank is focused on how well you can build, but also partially on your contribution to the community as a whole and dedication to the server.
Extra powers - All Oasian permissions. Can switch between creative and survival gamemodes.

Veteran - This is one of the most prestigious ranks available to a non-staff member. These exceptional few players have shown a dedication to the server spreading over at least a year. It is a reward for their long lasting and continued dedication to Oasis MC. They are the ambassadors of the community and have gained the respect of the staff and players alike. Veteran rank is considered to be on par with the Architect rank.
Extra Powers - All Oasian permissions. They also have access to flying with /fly, invincibility with /god, changing their local time and weather with /ptime and /pweather. They get /craft and /echest to help them with basic tasks as well as a custom colored prefix/name.

JrMod -The first staff rank, primarily responsible for fixing greifs, banning players, and keeping the server under control. JrMods also have access to CoreProtect, our greifing rollback plugin, as well as full access to the TeamSpeak moderation commands. JrMods are also responsible for answering players' questions, and are generally very knowledgeable and can answer most questions.

Mod - In addition to the responsibilities granted to JrMods, Mods are known for being able to promote players, set-up and remove warps, set up plots in Shop World, and use WorldEdit. Mods are also responsible for assisting the JrMods and to help players when needed. Our Moderators help keep the relationship alive between Staff and the Community by running server-wide events, such as PropHunt, Buildoff, PVP battles, and others. Mods are hand-picked by the Admin / Owner Team.

SrMod - These exceptional moderators are very proficient in the staff team and have proven to be extraordinary and capable staff members. These people are granted OP permissions in game and are effectively admins without console access. They are involved in the high level decision making to handle the direction of the server. SrMods are hand-picked by the Admin / Owner Team.

Admin - The highest rank on the moderating team. The role of the Admin is to ensure server stability from a technical perspective, and to assist players when needed. They are also the main decision makers on the server aside from the Owners. Admins are granted remote desktop access (aka "console access"). They are allowed to manage the server and its plugins with more flexibility than the Mods and SrMods and are responsible for performing server restarts and plugin updates. Admins also have the same responsibilities as Mods and JrMods, and are required to help out any player who asks for help. The longest-standing admin is known as the senior admin. Admins are hand-picked by the current Admin / Owner Team.

Owner - madscientist032.

Founders - Ariley92 And Sainteven.
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