No More /nick (unless needed) and no more [WS], [GH] titles.

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No More /nick (unless needed) and no more [WS], [GH] titles. Empty No More /nick (unless needed) and no more [WS], [GH] titles.

Post by Kevo235 7/22/2012, 9:00 pm

Okay, so I don't need to dress this up to look pretty or anything, i'm just going to tell it how it is. There will be no more /nick for people like myself and others because it is starting to confuse people (mostly the guests). Along with this, we've decided that the [GH] and [WS] titles will be removed because it's also confusing people about their ranks and such and is all-around unfair for the other minigames/future minigames.

Tbh, it sucks, but it's for the good of the server. Hope you guys understand.
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