busy day building away

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busy day building away

Post by wedell2 on 3/12/2011, 8:27 pm

i was on for over half the day building away watching faststang die by zombies and having to tp him to me to grab his stuff. so far today i made a nice expand with stone and made a hiring center for jobs up on a tower and made a greenhouse lot's of thing's. a good way to get back into the groove of minecraft after vacation. so me faststang commanderAJ and fragle all helping this small town hope fully grow bigger. it's still under construction where only about %30 done since faststang was pretty much working on little rooms and me and fasts room and frag temp hut.so ya it has been quite a long day lots of building and if i can connect later tonight i'm planing on making about 2-5 more decent size houses and expand my land over water even more. thanks for reading guys let me know if your interested prob not but i try lol cya guys!


(owner's of the city and co-owner) :arrow: wedell2 (main owner) faststang (owner) fragle (co-owner)

commanderAJ (secondary co-owner)

thanks for reading :)

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