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An Important Announcement Empty An Important Announcement

Post by Kevo235 7/7/2012, 6:03 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen of Oasis! It is my honour to give you the following announcement!

As you may know, the server's been a little bit laggy recently so we're going to change the host of the server to one that can actually deal with the decent amounts of people online at a time, but that's not the fun part.

The fun part is that a lot of us staff are going to pull an all-nighter on July 14th for a donation fund-raising event to get some money to actually switch servers. We're asking that you open your hearts and wallets in order to make this a huge success! You will get all the perks that a normal donator get froms these donations, as always.

We at the staff team really hope this will be a huge success and are looking forward to a nice, shiny new host for you guys.

Keep on crafting!

-Oasis Staff

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