Getting better at building. Aiming for Artisan.

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Getting better at building. Aiming for Artisan.

Post by TheFluffyKitsune on 7/4/2012, 11:08 pm

Yes, the title says it. I am getting better with my builds and have pretty crazy ideas, like deciding to build my builds on anywhere EXCEPT land. Generally I build over the ocean near my house, but since I live near the boundary, I can't make a castle. Perhaps I can find a giant lake to build it on... Anyway, recently I built a building in the air I would like to call, the Sky Cafe. It's pretty small, but it took a while to build. Maybe I should build my stuff in the air. That would make enough room for a castle. XP I'm having a good time on the server and I try to help out others whenever I can. And even though I didn't get Trusted+ on the June Promo Day, I know I can still get it or either artisan, or both, perhaps. Depends on which one comes first. I try to build what is in my mind, but halfway through the builds, the details in my mind generally go blank, so I have to short-leg the project into something cool. I just hope that the staff and players enjoy my builds though. When I finish a build, I ask players if they want to see it. By now, I feel like i'm harassing the other players with the same question. Well, better get back to building!
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