Vet candidates and Artisans!!

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Vet candidates and Artisans!! Empty Vet candidates and Artisans!!

Post by Ariley 3/4/2011, 11:01 pm

Hello! I said there would be promotions, and here they are.

First for the Artisans:

Dtfgator has been playing on Oasis for about 6 weeks. An avid player in game and in Teamspeak, he is on nearly every day and contributes immensely to the beauty that is Oasis SMP.

JonChen has been on Oasis for a little over a month. While he may not be the most active in chat or Teamspeak, the staff recognizes that his buildings are always outstanding and very well done!

Faststang428 has been playing on Oasis for nearly 6 weeks. He is very active in chat, and always attempts to help out other players, as well as building impressive structures.

And here are the Veteran candidates! Remember: PM me your vote either in game, on TS, or on the forums!

1. Bmxfloris
2. MrVegeta400
3. Kevo235
4. Dtfgator
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