How to use the money system.

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How to use the money system.

Post by Ariley on 3/2/2011, 12:19 am

Hello, fellow people.

I have installed iConomy, and with it, a new shop. Unfortunately, the way it works, it only lets you sell any given item in one fixed quantity. As such, I decided to make the selling quantities as follows:

1 diamond at a time.
5 gold at a time (ore or bar).
10 iron at a time (ore or bar).
10 coal at a time.
1 lapis block at a time.
64 redstone dust at a time.

Here's how you sell items:
/shop sell [ID#]

And here's a quick list of the item ID#'s:
Diamond - 264
Gold bar - 266
Gold ore - 14
Iron bar - 265
Iron ore - 15
Coal - 263
Lapis block - 22
Redstone dust - 331
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