Bukkit changes.

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Bukkit changes. Empty Bukkit changes.

Post by Ariley 2/23/2011, 1:45 pm

It's been said before, but this time I think we're actually going to stick with bukkit. So I've started this post to list all the new changes that come with bukkit.

Start a thread under discussion if you have ideas/complaints.

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Bukkit changes. Empty Re: Bukkit changes.

Post by saeTan 2/23/2011, 2:05 pm

Here are just some plugins I think would be nice, you've probably seen them already, though:

This one allows admins to modify what certain blocks drop, so we could set it that lightstone doesn't drop lightstone dust or something.

This one would be nice to have eventually, it allows people to teleport players from server to server. We could set it up with the server walshie (and I, kinda, I donated the computer) host. Make it the nether or something.

This one has some cool and advanced teleporting stuffs.

I like the idea of this one, but not necessarily the plugin itself. Chest protection.

This one is so damn hot. It allows you to post real-time maps, players and all, on websites and such.

This one sets where EVERYONE spawns EVERY TIME- when they login for the first time, die, or type /spawn.

You can place fences on top of each other with this one.

I'd like to have this one and so would sinical, it allows people with androids to control/restart/talk to people on the server.

This one would be nice to have eventually, it has chat channels. We would have to select chat moderators, too.
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