I be wantin' membership.

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I be wantin' membership.

Post by TheFluffyKitsune on 5/12/2012, 12:08 am

Username: XboxFantic

Real name: Zach

Age: 15 (soon to be 16)

Location: Texarkana

I found out about Oasis on the Minecraft App on the iPod. It was ranked the #17th most popular server. I decided to try the server out and I like it better than the last server I was on. Short story on the previous server: They had a griefing penalty on their server. If anyone griefed, they would be put in jail with creepers, spawn there from now on, and lose all of their items. I was falsley accused of griefing (and I still have no idea why to this date) and got the penalty. Jsyk, I am NOT a griefer. I am a mature builder who wanted to explain why I didn't stay on the server I was on. Sorry for the long conversation on this topic..

I have been playing on it for a couple of hours but I have been to all of the warp points and I like this server. Hopefully no one will grief me.

I plan on playing on this server until something very bad happens to it where it has to shut down (never quitting)

I will vote for this server after I finish this application.

So far, no one has told me they would vouch for me, and now an admin or guide told me I didn't need anyone to vouch for me..

I want Member Status so that I can get a good start with this server and be able to get better in this server and get on the good side of all players. And griefing? Griefing is for complete losers that don't know how survival works at all. One thing that's sad about some griefers is that they were griefing on a CREATIVE server! But long story short: I don't grief, griefing is for losers, and I know what to do in Survival.

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Re: I be wantin' membership.

Post by BroadStreetBully on 5/13/2012, 1:31 pm


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