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appeal ban

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appeal ban Empty appeal ban

Post by noahfirefly on 4/15/2012, 1:47 am

Minecraft name:noahfirefly

i have been banned from your lovely server because someone griefed me i lost everything my diamond and of course lots of outher things.I got so mad i split into rage and griefed him really badly and i have heard that has been happening alot on your server so please if you reply to this please please unban me i promis never to grief.Thank you

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appeal ban Empty Re: appeal ban

Post by Croky1 on 4/15/2012, 3:24 am


What you have to learn is NOT to grief him/her who greifed you.
You said that you knew who the greifer was, so why didn't you tell a member of staff, and they wouldv'e banned him, and possibly given your stuff back.

Oh, and whatever the staff do, they do it for a reason.

Oh, and, Staff have the final say.


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