Application For QuarterRussian

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Application For QuarterRussian

Post by QuarterRussian on 3/21/2012, 5:29 am

Minecraft username:

Real name (recommended):



Where did you find out about Oasis SMP?: My friend Charliebanana1

How long have you been playing on THIS server?: 3 days

How often do you plan on being on THIS server?: as long as i can be

Have you voted for Oasis at ?: yes

Name any Admins, Mods, Veterans, Artisans, or Trusted players who would vouch for you (Do not assume, you have to specifically ask if they'll vouch): Vampiresfire

Why do you deserve Member status? How do we know you can be trusted?: (please say more than just "I don't grief!") I would like to enhance my experience on this server as i really love playing with my fiends on this great server

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Post by vampiresfire on 3/21/2012, 5:38 am

this player seems well mannered enough. however, i did not vouch for this player i did help his buddy with a ban appeal and suggested he fill out a member application to join the oasis community. maybe i take the whole vouch thing to seriously but it is starting to bug me when people put me down for vouch just because i helped them. Correct me if i am mistaken but when you vouch for a person it is saying you have the utmost confidence in them and are willing to take responsibility if they turn out to be a bad member. in any case this is the assumption i have worked off and i am going to make a point of correcting people who place me down for vouch when i did not unless of course my willingness to help them counts as a vouch which i do not think it does.
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