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Post by Vegeta400 2/12/2011, 1:51 pm


My real name is: Oskar (yes with a "k")

I am 13 years old.

I live in Tennessee.

I have been on this server for about 2 months now.
I plan on being on this server much longer. As long as i can.
I know that GoldMine, XxLegendxX98, and moomoomage who are all three Mods would vouch for me.

I think i could build better and more artistic than other trusted players. I also could be able to improve my buildings if i were able to spawn things. I would be able to make my stuff faster.I would be fair and not abuse my powers.I would make a lot of great things for the server.I would help people repair thing that have been greifed.I have been on this server a long time and i love it.and as always i don't grief.

-MrVegeta400 :D
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