Member Status For Bloodosaurus

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Member Status For Bloodosaurus

Post by Bloodosaurus on 2/25/2012, 1:58 pm

Minecraft Username: Bloodosaurus

Nationality: Lithuania (But live in Ireland)

Age: 13

Minecraft Experience: 2 years

Known Admins or/and Mods: BroadStreetBully, JamesTheJragon, etc...

Reason To Become Member: I am a generous person who never griefs, hacks or breaks the rules in any games and i would like to become a member so i can make more friends and be a bit more noticeable on your servers so I could help and become friends with a lot of other players.

And I love puppies! :dogpant:

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Re: Member Status For Bloodosaurus

Post by InvertPanda on 2/27/2012, 3:52 pm

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