Funny forum quotes

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Funny forum quotes

Post by Cathald903-ToiletRollMan on 2/9/2011, 5:57 pm

I found this while looking through old mod apps. Its in Legends app if you want to see it:

swfan333 wrote:
XxLegendxX98 wrote:
swfan333 wrote:
I'm not saying he peed lava on me, lol.
One day I was just spelunking and legend randomly decided to pour lava on me, he gave SOME of my stuff back ,but it still set me back economically.

I was killing RYNO's clones because they were annoying, laggy, weird, and unneccicary. Cloudkesh stole my bow and refused to give it back, so when he was afk I tried "agressive negotiation" to get it back.

swfan they said keep it on topicstop posting random shit

It's not random, it's why your more of a veteran kind of guy.

PS: For saying the S word, you are now on P1 in Marketville


XxLegendxX98 wrote:
walshie4 wrote:
swfan333 wrote:
he peourd lava on mi, donnt give him mud!

ummm....what are you 3?
i didnt pee lava on u......

If you see other funny things and memories on the forums please Post the here!

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