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Picking ranks! Empty Picking ranks!

Post by Ariley 11/25/2010, 2:46 pm

Hi guys- happy American thanksgiving!

Just so you know. In the next day or two, we will be choosing our first Veteran player and picking another Moderator.

The veteran will be chosen by voting. The moderating team will select the 3 most qualified players who have applied, then over the next 24 hours, we will ask for a vote from every player who logs on to the server. You can also send me a private message on the forums to cast your vote. Only one vote per player, and the 3 players selected MAY vote for themselves.

The moderator will be chosen by the moderating team. Please be aware that just because you've been playing for "the longest time" does not qualify you to be a moderator. Moderator qualities include a large, working knowledge of computers and how to run them, a knowledge of how to run a server, a commitment to playing on this server and actively preventing griefing, and a friendly, helpful attitude.
I know many of you have little groups of friends on the server. Please be aware that it may happen that one of you in a group of friends will be chosen as a Moderator. Don't be jealous or pissed, it's just because the server is growing and we feel we could use another Mod. I encourage you all to stay friends on the server and continue building together- you're doing great things!

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