I could use some help with java again...yeah

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I could use some help with java again...yeah

Post by JAMESTHEJRAGON on 1/30/2012, 8:54 pm

I was working on a program that you can use to calculate density, or ml of diplacement, grams you knowand its about 60 lines of code now....and my string is messed up (if you dont know about java you prbly just lol'd :)) but anyway It is throwing two System.out.println together when there is a
String unitone;
unitone = sc.nextLine();
in between them and not allowing any input for the string
(sc being my scanner of course)
i can send you my program in a pm if you would like
I feel though that posting 60 lines of code to the forums, would be generally a bad idea
I could not find anything along the lines of this on youtube either so yeah........help me please oasis! :)
If you read this far Thanks!
Please reply, pm me if you are willing to help :)
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