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Veteran app From Vegeta Empty Veteran app From Vegeta

Post by Vegeta400 1/9/2012, 4:23 pm


Oscar. bounce


I have been playing for 1 year

I will play on this server for until Minecraft has been destroyed.

I know people would vouch for me.

I know i had been gone for a long time but now I'm back and better than ever. Even when i can't play i try to support the server like donating 10 dollars.I would make a great Veteran! I have been on this server for a long time and i stared building as soon as i started on the server.I am really good with other players. I always try to help with griefs as much as i can even though i am not a Veteran or up. I am a really fast builder and i have really good ideas for things to build on the server. I would put helping other people out with griefs before building things for my self. I have noticed that lots of people have been getting griefed a lot in the past few days and i would like to add on to the help but that does not mean i would just help out now but for ever. :D I am a very productive player and if i am made a Veteran that could help me increase that. I am willing to drop what ever i am doing to help any body ever on the server with any thing.
I am a really nice player most people on the server like me. I also just made a epic spleef arena west of spawn. I am looking forward to building more great things on the server hopefully as a Veteran :D Thanks!

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Veteran app From Vegeta Empty Re: Veteran app From Vegeta

Post by madscientist032 1/9/2012, 5:44 pm

I hereby present to you this lovely .png. Please take care of it.

Veteran app From Vegeta Vouch_V2_alarm

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