Sorry Im not active on the forums :/

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Sorry Im not active on the forums :/

Post by (bonzix1)bonnie on 1/5/2012, 6:39 pm

Hey guys, I'm super sorry that I never go on the forums and post. I will start to be more active! the reason i have almost no posts are that something happens to my account and i can't get on it so i have to restart and make a new one -.- I'm not sure why that happens but maybe its just cause I'm stupid with computers... I don't know. But my point is i will try to be more active on the forums and on the server. Oh and I'm sorry I made more than one veteran app... I saw other people posting more than one and I didn't realize we weren't supposed to make more than one. I feel bad about that and I don't know if theres a way to delete them, but 1 of my apps was made on one of the accounts that I can't get on anymore. If there is a way to delete posts please tell me! And once again I'm stupid with computers so... Well yeah. <3 bonzix

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Re: Sorry Im not active on the forums :/

Post by Leagle on 1/5/2012, 7:44 pm

Nothing to worry about bon.
could you please give us the links of the topics you wanted to be deleted?
it would help.


to offtopic instead of apply for veteran.
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