member application

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member application

Post by bran552 on 12/25/2011, 3:41 pm

username: bran255

real name (recommanded): kalen

age: 13

location:north dakota

where did you find out about oasis smp?: i was looking on a server list

how long have you been playing on this server?: since the 1.8 update Smile

how often do you plan on being on this server?:until you shut it down

have you voted for oasis at ?:yes

name any admins, mods, veterans, artisans, trusted players who would vouch for you:proverbialguy739

why do you deserve member status?how do we know you can be trust you?: (and please say more than just "i don't grief") well there's that i dont grief and i help people out whenever i can sometimes i give people food.seeds other things whenever im near a town and i find animals i give them to the town and severel times farmtown has been griefed i fixed it and when vordwanns crops were stolen i replanted them and when i have the free time i help people build things or gather reasources for them and thats why i think i should be a member

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Re: member application

Post by InitialBN on 12/25/2011, 3:47 pm

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