I Will Warn You ALL

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I Will Warn You ALL

Post by lordgonk on 12/22/2011, 11:35 pm

Aliens have been spotted just outside the server. They are dicks and want to kill all of our minecraft counterparts. They give us lag to cause a server restart. During the restart when our minecraft counterpart bonds are weakest, they attack, kill all of our friends and our selves. We must stay strong strong, fight back, AND DEFEAT THE ALIENS! Confirmed insider aliens are pyropanda (inability to spell kiwi, spelled so kizi) so avoid him. He enjoys handing out little plastic bags with miracle gasses inside it. They are fun, but beware, they make us weaker and cause the aliens to attack you! Just remember, bags-o-fun are fun, but dangerous, also pyro has told me that Russia is plotting with aliens. The aliens will nuke us again (That was not a WE fail. IT WAS AN ALIEN NUKE!), the government tried to cover it up but I have found the truth! Keep Oasis proud my fellow Oasians, and all aliens! beware!
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