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arrgh donations plz look at this

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arrgh donations plz look at this Empty arrgh donations plz look at this

Post by gazzy641 on 12/19/2011, 12:46 am

ok again can we plz put this through im sure lots of people will agree too because i want to donate $30-$50 and i dont have a credit card so i cant donate. I asked my mum if she could donate $30-$50 but she said no because most internet things like that will take more money off your credit card than that person was meant to but of coure ariley you wont i told her so many people have done it and nothing like that has happened. And what 19 year old would want to deal with the police or go to gaol (jail). ariley in any way could we do this so younger people who play on this server can donate. + wouldnt you want more money to improve the server?????. Anyone who wants this to (maybe) happen please vouch for me Smile Smile Shocked

Gazzy out.
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