New bukkit features.

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New bukkit features. Empty New bukkit features.

Post by Ariley 1/28/2011, 7:54 pm

Here's a list of all of the new features/commands you get with bukkit. New ones will be added as we discover/add them ourselves!

Don't forget, if you have bugs/complaints, post it on the "minecraft discussion" thread called "BUKKIT THREAD!"

- /lwc. Type it. You'll see. It's the new chest protection.

- /mail Mail function! You can send/recieve mail from players when they're not online, that they recieve when they log back on.

- /helpop Broadcasts a message to the staff! This is used to complain about griefing, or file a report against a player, etc.

There are others, that I forgot. When you find them, post on this thread! More features/plugins to be added later!
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