My apologies (Please Read this)

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My apologies (Please Read this) Empty My apologies (Please Read this)

Post by Leagle 12/9/2011, 2:22 am

So most of you people must have seen it, the big flat World Edit Failure.

Yes, it was me.

I was busy trying to make some stuff for the new spawn point structure.
When i wanted to remove a little something from an object, i wanted to use world edit for an easy removal.
I've set point 1 for the selection area then i quicky set point 2 of the selection area then i removed the blocks in the selected area.

Out of nowhere the server crashed without me knowing the cause of it, so i left the game to go and play some indie games.
When i hopped onto the oasis smp forum an hour later or so, i've seen a topic where it was told that there was a world edit that made the entire map flat...
The first thing that came up to me was that i was the last one that did a world edit before the server crashed.
When i hopped online onto the server i saw it... a big f*cked up landscape. I tried to //undo the removal but it was already to late.
My jaw dropped. It came to my mind that 1 of the 2 selection points was not set to the block i selected and was still in it's previous selected block without me knowing it or seeing it.
I got off and immediently got onto the forum to ask other staff members if there was a way to undo this horrible accident.
Staff wrote:Unfortunately, this cannot be undone.
Well Shit...
Ok so, i know this will make people frustrated, angy, and/or giving me a nice well deserved face palm.

But, These things Happen.

Everyone makes a big mistake every now and then.
It's just my tough luck it also had consequences for other people.

Just be happy nothing of extreme value was lost, like an huge city project!
It was just the beginning of a new map, New structures, New everything.

Again, i apologize for me not being cautious enough with this powerfull tool.
I screwed up and i learned my lesson and i will promise to you all, It will never happen again!
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