devildog115 Apeal ban from june.

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devildog115 Apeal ban from june.

Post by dd115 on 10/24/2011, 9:11 pm

Minecraft username: devildog115

Mod/Admin who banned you: a vote of staff.

Reason you were banned: doing a prank sign, capsed out kingnothing

Reason you believe you should be unbanned: i have been here for 6-8month i donated for a privilage. i just want to come back as a non donator.
if you say i can not come back or that staff says i can not come back please look at the past 4 weeks . i have been on here for the past for weeks an i bet no one was suspecious. from a friends account. if you think i wasnt bad then i wont be now.
i like the spawn an the shop world its quite nice. sinical is a retired admin with a green name i think. i have talked to him 4 times in game as so with dynamole and m_park. in which you didnt notice anything an that i still want to come back even though i was banned in march or april i still seek to come back as a player who can not be ranked up i can only stay the trusted player with the one donation perk.

also i have noticed you have never updated your donations after you told me on that day you would update it, in which i know now.
im just a player who loved oasis smp at the start an have tried 1000's of servers sence i was banned and none are any close to oasis an i seek a priviage to re join the community of Oasis SMP.

if you wanted to know my goal?

it was to stay hidden in the community an talk an learn about all the new people who have joined. i even traded an made money with in the server. i have talked. built and played and it is hard to goto that persons house every day an play from there computer from there account if you noticed one of the 3 people that have caused no problem it was probaly me.

so can i please re join my home on this minecraft server Oasis SMP

(Note to staff )
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Re: devildog115 Apeal ban from june.

Post by WesleyMD on 10/24/2011, 9:39 pm

You're not getting unbanned, stop trying. There's a wonderful list of servers @
Go find one that's not Oasis. Thanks, have a good day.
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