A clarification

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A clarification

Post by evilmidget38 on 10/16/2011, 10:34 am

I would just like to clarify that my username is evilmidget38, not evilshorty38 or evilbiggy38. They are my twin younger brothers who decided to play on this server. Because too many people told me congrats on member when evilbiggy38 got member(I got member months back, but went inactive), I have decided I would like a nickname in-game. If this is possible, could you change my name to something like midget38, or even just Nate.

I'd appreciate this a lot because both of them have already made clowns of themselves, both in-game and attempting to apply for member. Both of them have screwed up their member applications, which involve evilshorty38 saying that dynamole would vouch for him, when he never said that(soz dynamole).

So there's my story. Please understand that I don't want to be viewed/judged based upon their actions,but purely upon my own.

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