Thealbinobuffalo, the biography of the spawn of Stalin and O.J

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Thealbinobuffalo, the biography of the spawn of Stalin and O.J

Post by thealbinobuffalo on Sun 9 Oct - 16:27

Well it seems that creating a biography would help clear the air a little bit for me, much the same way bella and bmx did so here's my shot at it.
Real name: Kyle Stephen Rini
age: 15
From: Colorado Springs, Colorado
About me: I have what you might call an "interesting" heritage, I'm 1/4th Italian and 1/4 Arapahoe Indian which is where I get my screen name. I am a hardcore Atheist in one of the most conservative towns in America, in fact I live down the street from a mega church called New Life Church (where a pretty bad shooting happened a few years back). I tend to argue with people for no good reason but I honestly don't mean any of it, I just have random seizures of anger and hatred. I have what could be described as an annoying amount of state pride but that's because Colorado is my home tis I love. My interests include film making, xbox, and snowboarding. As you may know Master_Moles is my best friend IRL and I also know hawkman, jbanger, and stupidmuphin in real life as well.
Disclaimer: Due to recent events I have decided to not run for any promotion until every member of oasis is comfortable with me doing so (not for a long time) and I promise to have nothing but nice things to say from now on.
here are some pictures of me if you care, which i know you don't but thanks anyway.

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