Lorelai17 applying.

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Lorelai17 applying.

Post by Lorelai17 on 10/7/2011, 9:10 pm

Minecraft Username: Lorelai17 (Epic, is it not? :P)

Real Name: Richard (Middle and last are my own business for now.)

Age: 16

Location: United States, Michigan

Finding Oasis: superlionsfan90 showed it to me, was his first and original server, and I loved it, so I decided to stick around, maybe go for vet or artisan, perhaps even guide.

THIS server playing time?: Well... I say about a month, maybe two, not entirely sure. It's easy to lose track of time playing minecraft and school you know. It blurs together.

Plans: I plan to say on the server until the day it falls apart, and is demolished totally.

Who would vouch for me: Hm... Not sure, but InvertPanda certainly would, probably more people.

Why wouldn't I grief: Hm... Hard question, but really, I can only say watch me closely, I swear I won't, but words don't mean much. I've been on a while, and have not done it, so why would I do it now? It's trust that got me to member (if I am accepted), and why on earth would I ruin that trust.

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Re: Lorelai17 applying.

Post by Ariley on 10/15/2011, 9:53 pm


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