lordhood117's Trusted App

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lordhood117's Trusted App

Post by lordhood182 on 1/8/2011, 1:14 am

MC Username: lordhood117

Real Name (recommended): Andrew


Location: I guess you mean in real life, so New Jersey, US

Length of time on this server: About a week, probably more.

How often I expect to be on the server: every day or every other day as my high school schedule allows

People who could vouch for me: cloudkesh, ruledarkman, maybe GoldMine (then again, my first experience of him was getting shot with a bow and arrow for nothing at all), thechosenone99 (I'm his neighbor on the server), moomoomage

Why I deserve Trusted status: because I try to help out others, and getting Trusted will further enable me to do so. cloudkesh helped me start here by giving me a room in Fossil Town, so I feel that I need to return the favor. To give an example of how helpful I have been in these past few days, WhiteTiger884 and I helped fix the Boo statue after it had become a victim of griefing.

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Re: lordhood117's Trusted App

Post by GoldMine on 1/9/2011, 12:36 pm

Haha yeah I remeber that actaully that was lag srry for that again.

Yeah I would vouch.

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