hey everybody

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hey everybody

Post by cloudkesh on 1/7/2011, 4:55 pm

Anyway, so i'm spending my last day on minecraft before i hang out with my bro right? well i log onto the server and v6LRU is there so i say hi and as i'm leavin the spawn area, he comes up behind me and decides to murder me, I didn't agree to any kind of PvP match at all so i go back to retrieve my stuff thinking "Maybe v6 didn't mean to." so i go get my stuff and its all gone....so i'm like maybe someone else came along and took it so i asked everyone and asked a mod to check everyones inv, and wanna know what? hmph v6 took my stuff and decided to go lava swimming! *Crazy smile* and then he decided to quit after he died. but other than that i'm just lettin ya know, today is my last day on MC for atleast 2 weeks if not less. Well see ya!

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