zGraphiiXz Member Application

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zGraphiiXz Member Application

Post by zGraphiiXz on 8/3/2011, 12:57 pm






1 day

All The Time


Ok well this is the reason i want to become a member to your server is because i think i could bring alot more to the table from most people i think i would help this server out tons and the reason i say that is because ive done it all ive been an Owner of a server ive been CO-Owner ive been Mod, Admin all that stuff i know all the commands know to man :D and i think i could really help the admins and everybody in the server i hope to become Member of your server because i do not steal grief i might cuss every now and then but who doesn't... i will treat people with respect and i hope you will see that i will well all in all that is all i have to say really i hope you choose me:D
-Thanks Adam (zGraphiiXz)
P.S I hope to travel through the ranks and be part of the Oasis Experience)
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