Just In: Recent poll results

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Just In: Recent poll results

Post by lordgonk on 8/2/2011, 7:13 pm

Minecraft's most hated is (as voted by the members of Oasis): Griefers!!! at 57%, Other (mostly lag) 28%, and then lava closing at 9%. Griefers beware! We all hate you.

The favorite pies of the members of Oasis are: Apple pie with 18% of the votes, then pumpkim following close with 14% of the votes, and then a tie between other and screw pie... CAKE!!! at 12%

As voted by Oasis members: 76% of us like polls while 23% of us do not

Lastly, in response to the tombstone plug-in, we voted: 39% agreed its a bad idea, 30% said lets try it, and the remaining 26% said maybe.

The results are official. Thank you for answering my polls and giving other feedback. And remember, go apple pie!!!

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