Video idea

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Video idea

Post by mhreynolds on 8/1/2011, 3:00 am

a script I started to right about an hour ago and want to film this but lack the needs and the ability too do so if someone wants to film this, just give me credit for writing the script

*The Kevobear*
* film crew sneaks in
host -*whisper* he are here to study the odd behaviors of the kevobear
*camera moves from host to kevobear back to host
host-*whisper* he seems to be circling a tree, perhaps he has prey or doing a mating dance for any near by kevobears
*kevobear turns and looks in your direction
host-oh no we've been spoted
*host and film crew backs up to trees behind them
host- he may not be violent lets try to get closer
*host and crew move up to tree near the kevobear
host- lets see if we can make contact with the kevobear
*host hands kevobear [item]
host- he seems to accept it lets see if we can make more contact, oh no
*kevobear starts to act funny
host- he seems frightened by a near by spider
*kevobear becomes hostile towards crew
host- *whispers to crew* back up slowly
*kevobear attacks host camer falls and breaks


based off of Kevo235

*=action in the sceen
[actor]- =person whos talking

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Re: Video idea

Post by Cierte on 8/1/2011, 3:01 am

mmmm good idea?
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