Story time with Keagan Al Gore

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Story time with Keagan Al Gore

Post by wedell2 on 7/12/2011, 12:51 am

--------------------------------------AL GORE--------------

"Hi my name is Al Gore and your minds will be blown theres this mixed breed animal thats made to kill children! His name is ManBearPig! Hes one of the worst monsters ever created! He will sneak into your rooms children! So when you hear something under your bed call 911 imedatlly! Before it eats you and mawl your parents also! so watch your back kids unless you want to be aten! Any questions? umm yes you child? "Umm Al Gore how drunk or high or even both you have to be to come up with this crap!" "No little boy this is a real ceral situation! ManBearPig is real and he will kill you when you least exspect it!" "What ever you say... freak show." "Ok Class any other questions? Good now have a nice day rember watch your back for ManBearPig!" "Umm Mr. AL Gore i think your meeting with the kids was not really worth it you made no sense to them." "I thought i made perfect sience about ManBearPig! about how dangerous he is and that kind of stuff!" " I know sir but the kids did'nt beilve you i dont think sir." "they did too belive me! i will prove it too you your the worst assistant ever! you do nothinng for me besides protect me from being shot and dieing and save my life thats all you do for me!" "Ok what ever sir." "There he is right there hes eating that kid!"

"Holy ba jesus your right i never would of beilved it!" "Shoot ManBearPig beofre he gets away!" Bam! "Yeah ManBearPig is dead now the world can live in piece and harnmony for now..."

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