One of Keagans short storys :D vote to what you think

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One of Keagans short storys :D vote to what you think

Post by wedell2 on 7/12/2011, 12:21 am

---------THE SENIOR CITIZENS----------

One day i was outside enjoying myself reading the new gamer magizine when i heard a scream from Old Man Arnalds house. i rush over there to see what was going and saw that he put his hand on a rose thron and i'm thinking. What a idiot! How dont you see thorns on the rose i know its like for love and stuff why would you add thorns to a love flower! anyways i run back home and grabbed a bandage for Arnald. About an hour later i hear his wive scream "Snake!" i rush over and see thats there is a Garderner snake there i'm like. "Good god huys are you afraid of everything you see! always getting hurty by everything! cant i just get a break for once! i'm trying to read the new issue of Gamer Magizene! so just leave me alone ok!" I walked away in anger. in about an hour i hear another scream i'm just thinking to myself just ignore it Keagan just ignore it. then i heard silence i'm just thinking finally some piece and quite it for now. after that i decided to go vist them then i saw that the y have been robbed and killed on the kitchen tabel! "Oh wow i should of cane and help o well!" *Shrugs*

i hope you ejoyed rate UP or rate DOWN about the story thanks!

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