Oasis Signature Contest!

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Oasis Signature Contest!

Post by WhiteTiger on 7/2/2011, 11:48 pm

HELLO AGAIN. I decided to make a contest for a official signature! details.. details....

I guess we can let it start tommorow july 3rd and end itjuly 31st? yeah.

1. Do NOT make it huge. make it normal like the one that i have v
2. you may only make one entry so make it good.
3.you can use any application to make it photoshop, paint.net, paint. i dont care
4.when the contest is over do not post on the thread please, because i will be looking at them all. until then you can post freely
5.you can post as long as there is no nudity, cussing (please), harse/racist quotes.
6. dont post saying "that one is horrible ariley! you suck!' or shit like that.
7. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT use someone elses and call it yours or take it and redo it!!!!

That is about it please ask any questions about the contest in the COMMENTS BELOW
P.S. if you want to make one but dont want any one else to see. pm me it :)
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Re: Oasis Signature Contest!

Post by Coldplaya on 7/3/2011, 12:21 am

This is a FANTASTIC Idea!!!!! I recently edited your sig, and its in the other thread about your sig.
But overall, I think you may need a staff promotion. This is the performance that I would expect from any admin, mod or guide. Great Job!

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