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Temp banned jaspercrazybear Empty Temp banned jaspercrazybear

Post by Agwyn 12/20/2021, 11:02 pm

Name of banned player:jaspercrazybear

Time/date banned: 2021-12-20 10:53pm EST

Length of ban: Temp - 3 days (would consider making this shorter on a good explanation/appeal).

Reason banned: Caught you mining out the inside of someone else's beacon pyramid. When I froze you to talk to you about why you were griefing (stealing) another player's ore blocks you logged off. While I was looking up to see how much you took I noticed you had stolen an enchanting table from another player as well. I rolled you back and you happened to log back in and start taking damage from being in a rolled back build - I apologize. If you appeal this temp ban and just explain why you were mining another player's beacon I would be happy to change this temp ban to a warn.  

Temp banned jaspercrazybear Agwyn_12
Temp banned jaspercrazybear Screen11
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