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Post by Gorecore666 12/17/2021, 3:50 pm

Name of banned player: FordVergo197

Time/date banned: Friday December 17, 2021 12:15pm pst

Length of ban: perm with appeal

Reason banned: Where do i start? You were banned for:
1- Causing drama with other players
2- stealing items and asking other players to help you hide those stolen items.
3- Harassment towards other players. 
4- Staff disrepect.

SOOO, One of our main rules is to not bring drama to the server. Oasis is NOT The place to bring your drama. We have a LOT of younger players who should be subjected to that kind of behavior. 
You were already talked to about taking the items you took and told NOT to take any of it yet you still did and tried to hide to from staff.
After creating drama with another player you continued to harass them about it. 

Now this one I just dont get.  You want to call all staff liars about a situation you shouldn't be involved in but you totally took it upon yourself to get involved. YOu are constantly disrespecting ALL staff by talking about them negatively behind their back and expecting other people to join you in your thinking with NO basis as to what actually happened. 

I feel that you owe ALL of staff an apology for the things you have been saying. And you owe the player base an apology for causing drama and harassing them.
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