Tempbanned welshcorgilover 7 days

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Tempbanned welshcorgilover 7 days Empty Tempbanned welshcorgilover 7 days

Post by MegaScary 11/13/2021, 2:50 pm

Name of banned player: welshcorgilover

Time/date banned: 3:30pm AST

Length of ban: 7 days

Reason banned: There was a report filled this morning from someone saying their armor was stolen. I checked the logs and you had taken it yesterday, so I start looking through the logs further and it appears you were on some sort of stealing/ griefing spree. I thought it was an odd thing for a trusted player to do so I followed you around since you were on. I noticed you were going around to all kinds of people's houses and taking things. I confronted you about it and you didn't seem to realize that this kind of behavior is not allowed. Please use this time to read the full server rules, I've also demoted you to member and you will need to earn the rank of Trusted back again.
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