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please accept me as a staff Empty please accept me as a staff

Post by 1major_miner 10/30/2021, 4:51 am

like a staff member once said age does not matter I dont feel comfortable giving that out sorry.

I've played for 5 weeks.

I plan on playing often.

I will name jrmods mods and admins + who vouch for me.

I fell that oasis is a great server and great community I LOVE helping and I believe it is a good thing. 

if I am staff I will help when I'm needed, I will not abuse staff rights and wont give out spawns I believe that abusing staff rights ruins the fun if I'm in creative there is no point in doing things so survival is the mode I will use the most creative is only for helping I believe. 

i love this it is my favorite server so plz accept me as staff  Smile

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please accept me as a staff Empty Re: please accept me as a staff

Post by madscientist032 10/30/2021, 11:43 am


Also I highly doubt any of my staff member told you "age does not matter". We have an age limit of 18 for a reason. Your failure to admit your age tells me you're not old enough to be trusted with the responsibilities with a staff member.

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