Sir_Pugsalot2's member application.

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Sir_Pugsalot2's member application. Empty Sir_Pugsalot2's member application.

Post by SirPugsalot2 10/20/2021, 2:36 am

Minecraft username: Sir_Pugsalot2
Discord username: Sir_Pugsalot2 #0909
Yes i have linked my accounts.
I found Oasis on a server list, i checked quite a lot and this is the only one that was good.
I don't really know how long i've been playing but i would say more than two weeks and plan to be there for a long time.
I have voted.
I will never give out any kit items of any kind.
For now it's just Clausimodo, midasisseenpro and Zaba.
Of course I won't grief but I want to be on this server because I like it, it has an organized structure, a good admin and build team and the people are very nice (like the people who vouched for me, they've been very helpful).

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Sir_Pugsalot2's member application. Empty Re: Sir_Pugsalot2's member application.

Post by Gorecore666 10/21/2021, 8:26 am

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