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Portal for the nether warp

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Portal for the nether warp Empty Portal for the nether warp

Post by mooncraft987123 10/14/2021, 9:54 am

Minecraft username:mooncraft987123

Proposed name of warp: Portali 

Coordinates of warp with no commas or other characters (E.g. "-1248 68 345"): -3297 90 2529

Why do you deserve a warp?: new players cant enter the nether cause you need to have trusted rank to light a portal most of the times you find someone to light it for you but when i joined  i found no one that can light it for me and it also makes it so the nether is a easy place to enter just like theend

If your warp will be for a town, how developed is the skeleton of the town? Is it ready to be inhabited?: my warp is not a town but its ready

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Portal for the nether warp Empty Re: Portal for the nether warp

Post by madscientist032 10/15/2021, 9:01 am

We are currently reviewing this warp application, I apologize upfront for the delay in processing and appreciate your patience.

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