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mooncraft987123's shop application

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mooncraft987123's shop application Empty mooncraft987123's shop application

Post by mooncraft987123 10/13/2021, 11:16 am

hello this is mooncraft987123 i saw this shop open and i really want to claim it and i promiseĀ  will keep it stocked and i online everyday and i promise i will pay u the money later when the shop is up cause right now i only have 2600 coins pls accept them and ill pay u later when i have made the rest of the money and i cant pay it to you in a day cause my voting system is broken i can only get 600 minecraft mp dosent work for me so i really need the money

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mooncraft987123's shop application Empty Re: mooncraft987123's shop application

Post by madscientist032 10/15/2021, 9:13 am

Hi Mooncraft - unfortunately as your balance is insufficient at time of shop request, I have to deny your application. Please re-apply when you have the proper fundings. Thank you for understanding.

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