Kevo's Epic Screenshots Part Three: The Search for Kevo's Gold!

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Kevo's Epic Screenshots Part Three: The Search for Kevo's Gold!

Post by Kevo235 on 6/29/2011, 4:44 pm

Here is my newest Screenshot compilation! I hope you enjoy!
Click the spoiler button to show them. Be warned, there is 23 screenshots in there xD

Here is a link to the Last One.

I'll start with the cool island that had been untouched by anyone.

This is a view from the window of a cool cave house I built on the island.

A cool cave I found on the island that Neil didn't want to 'esplore' with me.

After this it's just a bunch of random things that I thought were cool or funny.

I found your 'Big Ben' dtfgator! Haha!

Lol Dumbcow. He died shortly afterwards. R.I.P Dumbcow.

This cow got himself stuck in a minecart.

Much like the cow, here is a chicken in a minecart. Good times.

And for our last animal picture, here is a sheep... IN 3D!!!

Falcon: Paunch!

I wonder who got Veteran....


Jeffery fight!


I'm an Owner!

This was today, ironically. Why so spam Lcf?

He even got to the chorus.

Lol Creeper. Priceless.

Oh really, Lucas?

Lucas is an owner now? Lol.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST... wtf man...

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