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Application for member Empty Application for member

Post by Lex_x0 9/6/2021, 5:40 pm



I have not already done that, but I have joined you're discord

I found out about oasis from my boyfriend : Dundant

Not long, but plan to be for a long time

I plan to play on this server for a while, the energy is great and everyone is so helpful and nice!

I have voted for oasis !

I promise never to give out any items in any kits I may get.

I haven't gotten to know too many people on this server but my boyfriend is a member and he would vouch were not like that.

I want to become a member because I plan to donate today, my boyfriend is obsessed with this server he is always playing on it and now me and my friend just joined and are obsessed !!

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Application for member Empty Re: Application for member

Post by Gorecore666 9/6/2021, 9:57 pm

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