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Carmelbunny's Introduction

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Carmelbunny's Introduction Empty Carmelbunny's Introduction

Post by carmelbunny 8/29/2021, 1:48 am


My name's carmelbunny, you can call me carmel (or bunny, but don't be confused with my sister who may be on from time to time, Cocoabunny.)

I'm a bit newer to Oasis, but I'm nothing short of devoted already and you'll be seeing me around plenty. So here are some things to know about me:

· I am 17 years old at the time of writing.
· I'm from the USA and live in the EST timezone.
· I love to build, but I do experience plenty of art block so I can't express everything. When I am building though, I cannot be stopped.
· I've been playing Minecraft for roughly ten years, sometimes I forget that emeralds aren't still new.
· I've got the moderation of other servers on my resume already, so if I seem too kind, it's because I like to be very easy to deal with. Troublemakers are never ever fun.
· I have big plans for my builds on this server, so keep an eye out!

Signed, carmelbunny
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