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mwbbtt ban appeal

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mwbbtt ban appeal Empty mwbbtt ban appeal

Post by mwbbtt 8/28/2021, 11:26 am

Minecraft username : mwbbtt 

mod/admin that banned me : gorecore666

reason i was banned : stealing and griefing 

reason i believe i should be unbanned: i completely agree why i was banned i admit i did greif and stole however i am very sorry and will repair any thing that you want me to. I have currently been banned for almost 2 weeks and in that time I have learned that what I did was very wrong. If I was accepted back I would play properly. I have reread the rules since the ban and these will not be broken in the future. If you decide to ban me I would be a passive player and won't greaf or steal. I just wanted to say I am really sorry for what I did and that it wouldn't happen again.

I am really sorry - mwbbtt

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mwbbtt ban appeal Empty Re: mwbbtt ban appeal

Post by Gorecore666 9/16/2021, 2:56 pm

I think you have been banned long enough. When you come back make sure to 100% follow the rules.

If it feels good, than do it!

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