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can i be a member please? ツ

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can i be a member please?	ツ Empty can i be a member please? ツ

Post by RaufPowerYT 8/15/2021, 7:37 am

Minecraft name = RaufPowerYT
Discord name = RaufPowerYT #1770

no but im going to it now. 
i was lookin for a minecraft smp long and then i found this chill server

the first time i started to play on this server was a week i think.

everytime i wanna play minecraft im gonna play the oasis smp maybe i bring some friends with me.
so like 3 times a week i think.

yes i have voted for you guys (:

yes i agree i rather get items myself then use the kid if i be honnest.

kaydub / hammerz1933 / heyimnicku vouch for me (:

because if im trusted i can do more stuff like make my one portal and if im member i wanna join the community so i feel confert with the others and you can trust me if you want its ok if i dont get member this is my forum so have a great day.

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can i be a member please?	ツ Empty Re: can i be a member please? ツ

Post by MegaScary 8/15/2021, 2:18 pm


can i be a member please?	ツ Borgsi10

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